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Outsourcing Services

MTC outsourcing specialty groups listed below provide organizations of various industries and specialties with the people, processes, and technology needed to support and achieve their visions. Our highly skilled professionals become a proactive part of your team, delivering ongoing work based on best practices learned from decades of experience. By letting your MTC outsourced team focus on what they do best, you are freed up to focus on what you do best - strategically growing your organization.

Investment Funds

Maple Tax is an Investment Fund advisory firm offering individualized services, tailored to the needs of each client, with a concentrated focus on Private Equity, Hedge Funds, and Real estate solutions. By leveraging our world-class Investment Fund expertise and removing our clients burden of staffing, maintaining, and managing an in-house accounting department, we allow fund managers to focus on the optimal execution of their investment strategies. 

Financial Service Providers

Maple Tax is dedicated to helping financial service providers meet their ongoing tax, audit, and compliance challenges, and set the stage for long-term success and prosperity. Highly trained in the heavily regulated and rapidly changing business environment of financial services organizations, we limit the complex burdens that our clients face, allowing them to focus on their primary directives and areas of business.

Tax Function Outsourcing

Maple Tax offers an outsourcing solution designed specifically to reduce or eliminate the headaches of managing your own tax department. We can deliver a fully staffed, expertly trained tax department, or perfectly augment your existing tax department with as-needed expertise or short-term staffing. Whether your company needs someone to start and build a tax department or fill in as a temporary tax consultant, Maple Tax has the right experience and personnel to help.